Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

GMP is a collection of generally recognized procedures and practices that together provide a code stating what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in industry. It provides a firm foundation for the implementation of HACCP. GMP is applied throughout the whole production and supply chain and covers especially hygienic design of food or medical premises, food handling facilities and equipment, pest control, personnel hygiene, training, storage, packaging and transportation etc.

Benefits of having GMP in company:

  • Provide assurance to customers that manufactured products are prepared in hygienic manner and in accordance to best practices.
  • Increases senior management confidence in the preparedness of manufacturing facilities for inspection.
  • Lowered operating costs as rework and penalties reduce due to non-compliance reduced.
  • Increases the credibility and offers a competitive advantage in the marketplace for contract manufacturers.
  • Preparation for HACCP implementation and certification.

Applicable to all business in food supply chain from farm to meal table, which includes:

  • Fruit & vegetables / meat / fishery / spices / nut products.
  • Restaurants / canteens / kindergartens etc.